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It’s almost that day again.

So I know it’s not until tomorrow, but I’m getting head start and posting my sentiments early (I’ll be busy enjoying my

Blessed with joy.

In life, we have two choices. Choice one is to focus on all the negative, all the things we wish we had, and all the ways the world and the

Be strong.

Starting your business takes a leap of faith. Starting your own photography business in a saturated market – putting yourself, your

Are we in Narnia right now? // Sterling, Illinois Wedding Photographer

Last Friday, my beautiful model Tori Ladner and I trekked through mountains (literal mountains that even my Hunter wellies couldn’t

Rustic Bridal Inspiration // The Barn at Allen Acres // Sterling, Illinois Wedding Photographer

Oh my goodness, brides!!! Are you in Northern Illinois? Have you booked your venue yet? Have you heard about The Barn at Allen Acres? BOOM!

Catholic Schools Week & Grandparent’s Day at Newman CCHS

I had the wonderful gift of getting to experience Grandparent’s Day from a different viewpoint at school this year. Usually, as a

All you need is love.

It’s almost February! Which means it’s almost Valentine’s Day. The day of love, chocolate, and trying to convince my

Baby it’s cold outside.

No, really. It’s really, really, really cold outside. Thanks polar vortex. I already hated winter. Now I’m fairly sure Dante


I think it’s only fitting that my first blog post for my little corner of the photography/online world would be to say thank you. You